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Kairo Travelling Pooh via Compfight

Camel in the morning sun at Ras Abu Galum * Lisa * via Compfight

Camels are cool, I found that out by looking at also I went to What you should know about camels is that each hump they have (Either one or two), they store up to 80 pounds of fat. They break down their fat into water and energy when they need to or do not have enough of. Also, one really cool things about camels is that they don’t sweat, even in the desert when the temperature is 120 degrees.

Camels, when they are thirsty, can drink up to 30 gallons of water in only 13 minutes.  One thing about camels is that they have bushy eyebrows and long lashes, this is so they can keep dirt and sand out of their eyes. The camel is a mammal and a herbivore. They are 7 feet (2.1 meters) tall. One thing I know about camels is that they use there lips as fingers to grab food.

A one humped camel is called a dromedary camel and  a two humped camel is called a bactrian camel. Camels live  for 40 to 50 years. Camels have been domesticated for over 3,500 years. That is all I know a bout camels but it was fun researching and learning about camels.

8 thoughts on “Camel Coolness

  1. Sarah,

    I learned a lot about camels from your informative post! Thank you for sharing the qualities of a camel. I will never a camel the same way, but as a beautiful creature.

  2. G’day Sarah,
    Great post about camels! I have never ridden on one but did see some when I was at the Pyramids in Egypt on a bus tour.

    If you want someone to visit a site you used, when writing your post highlight the word(s) you want them to click on then in the icons above your post area find the joined chains, click on that. Now put in the URL of the site you want them to visit. Save that or update whatever the big button says.

    Now you wont need to include the long URL in the actual post. Your visitors can click on the link you have created instead.

  3. Hello Sarah,
    Your post was very informative, filled with amazing facts. I never new camels could live for that long. They are very fascinating creatures.

    • Well I have a friend and his name is Charlie and he is a camel and when I saw the assignment on the blogging challenge page I thought of my dear friend Charlie.

  4. Hey Sara! I’m Ella and I found your post about camels very interesting and informative! I actually rode a camel at the sunset on a trip with my friends and it was on of the coolest experiences I’ve had so far!

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